Designed for Fruits

Product design and branding of a bowl designed for fruits in the year 2015.
Zihan Chen
Art Direction
Product Design
The Problem: Washing Fruits is Painful.
Small fruits, like strawberries and cherries keep falling whenever users pour the water out of the container.
V Bowl
The structure of bowl is broken into two:
What was also broken is the traditional concept of integrity of a container.
The structure of V Bowls is redesigned to solve the conflict of holding and releasing water within just one unit, at the same time, to create a conflict visually by the use of two bright opposing colors on appearance.
How it Works
Lift the chip to release water.
The movable chip of V Bowl brings the adjustability that can keep objects of different sizes, from cherries to apples from dropping out when releasing the water.
The structure of V Bowl is designed in a way that the movable chip can rest on the bowl mechanically.
The V Bowl Brand
V Bowl is light, simple and free.
Being more than just a part of daily life, V Bowls communicates the message within the product of design.
4 Materials. 6 Colors. 24 Choices.
V Bowl conveys a sense of boldness, diversity and vitality.
4 available materials include silicone rubber, stainless steel, matte glass and fine metals.
Mix it Yourself.
V Bowl encourages originality, creativity and artistry.
24 choices for the bowl and the chip allows for more than 500 unique combinations created by the users.
Chips & bowls are packed and sold separately both online and offline so the users have full flexibly on the purchasing choices and complete freedom on the ability to create.
Create Your Own.
Up to 500 unique combinations.
Pick Your Bowls from $89.99
6 Color Options
6 Color Options
Pick Your Chips from $19.99
6 Color Options
6 Color Options
Graphis Poster Annual
Awarded | New York | 2018
Ecuador Poster Bienal
Awarded | Quito | 2018
iF Design Award
Awarded | Hannover | 2018
Creative International Award
Awarded | Louisville | 2017
Red Dot Award
Awarded | Berlin | 2017
Graphis New Talent Annual
Awarded | New York | 2017
The One Show
Awarded | New York | 2017
World Illustration Awards
Nominated | London | 2017
Coca-Cola Design Award
Nominated | Shanghai | 2015
Photo Gallery
V Bowl celebrates conflict in a beautiful way by simply magnifying the difference.
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