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iOS game received over 50k downloads worldwide the day after being published.
Zihan Chen
Game Design
Art Direction
Product Design
Ryan Li
Francis Huang
About the Game
Crater is a minimal puzzle that is created simply based on the numbers 1 to 10.
Game Design
Each of the 64 game levels are handcrafted and presented to the players with twists of fun.
"Crater challenges your ability of estimation and tests your judgement on the overall numerical pattern.”
- recommended by SSPAI
Visual Language
3D illustrations make players understand the game easily while adding to the branding.
Menu Structure
Interfaces were redesigned completely to provide an even easier and faster navigation.
Based on the user feedbacks, major changes were made from Version 1.0.1 to 1.2.1. Menu was restructured from a vertical layers (Version 1.0.1) to horizontal tiles (Version 1.2.1).
Version 1.0.1
Menu Interaction Video
Game Paused
Version 1.2.1
Levels / Games
Game interface was minimized both in visual and in control so players focus on what matters.
By simply swiping anywhere on screen to control, the game was designed to be played easily with one hand.
Profit Model
3-level incentives are structured to invite players to play more, and pay more.
Crater is completely free to download and play. Players acquire times to play by watching ads or purchases.
Current Level
Requires users to watch ads or purchase to acquire times to play.
Next Level
May be unlocked to skip the Current Level by in-app purchases.
Further Levels
Can be unlocked only after the completion of the Next Level.
Global Achievements
Top 20 in the U.S.
Top 10 in China
Editor's Choice in France
Before any paid promotions, Crater was able to be ranked top on App Stores in different countries / regions. Crater was translated into over 8 languages and is available over 145 countries.
Press Recognization
Crater received approvals and was recommended by different editors worldwide.
Graphis Poster Annual
Awarded | New York | 2018
Ecuador Poster Bienal
Awarded | Quito | 2018
iF Design Award
Awarded | Hannover | 2018
Creative International Award
Awarded | Louisville | 2017
Red Dot Award
Awarded | Berlin | 2017
Graphis New Talent Annual
Awarded | New York | 2017
The One Show
Awarded | New York | 2017
World Illustration Awards
Nominated | London | 2017
Coca-Cola Design Award
Nominated | Shanghai | 2015
Editor's Choice
Editor's Choice
Editor's Choice
Editor's Choice
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