Zihan creates minimal graphics, with a perfection in mind down to pixels, to express the maximum out of a product, a concept or ultimately a story.

He is an experienced visual designer with different backgrounds including product design, advertising, branding and UI design.


In the past few years, he worked in a small design firm, with the best in graphic design to shape the world's most iconic brands; in a big corporate, with creative talents of all backgrounds to brainstorm and deliver the most original ideas; as well as in his own studio, with friends from high school to build multiple award-winning and widely featured mobile games.

Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv

He worked as a design intern in Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, closely with the principals and all members in the design team on each project every day. He created and proposed initial designs of logos and identities for new projects as well as assisting the preparation of ongoing projects, including producing original client presentations and the final artworks, at the highest professional standard possible with the practice of color, measurement and layout. He also worked with other designers on conducting primary researches for incoming clients to build the groundwork for ideations.

In addition to the above, he animated the firm's over 50 existing logos, including the world renowned JPMorgan Chase Bank, Mobil and National Geographic, based on the particular graphic characteristics and individual personalities belonging to each brand. All the animations are currently showcased across the firm's website.


He worked as both a creative and design intern in MRM-McMANN within a team of 6, contributing to various types of social and traditional campaigns for clients including Pizza Hut, Nippon Paint and Kraft Foods. 

As a creative Intern, he worked side by side with the team lead on ideations. He regularly participated in meetings with creative directors and account managers and proposed series of original ideas for multiple online and offline campaigns. He also participated in the presentation to clients.

As a design intern, he conceived and developed artworks for marketing initiatives, from promotional posters to motion graphics. He also produced a great amount of 3D models and illustrations other than 2D designs, including digitally modeling, transforming and rendering physical products for visual effects and other creative purposes.


He founded SECStudio alone, a software company with a focus on casual mobile gaming in 2015, and acted as the only designer who was in charge of both game and interaction design, as well as producing everything visual from the interfaces to the marketing materials. He, at the same time acting as the manager, led the team of only two programmers to build up over 5 working prototypes and 3 published games from scratch, overseeing the quality of all the products throughout the process of development.

The 3 published games received numerous awards and were featured multiple times, both on the App Store and on technology and gaming blogs in different countries like AppAdvice and SSPai, being downloaded more than 100,000 times across the platforms of iOS and Android almost without any paid marketing promotions. The game Crater was ranked top 10 in China and top 20 in the US under the subcategory of game on the App Store.


School of Visual Arts

MFA Products of Design Candidate
August 2017 - May 2019

University of Virginia

BA New Media Art and Architecture
August 2013 - May 2017

Authorized Rhino Training Center

Industrial Advanced 3D Modeling
Summer 2015

Authorized Rhino Training Center

Architectural 3D Modeling
Summer 2014


Red Dot

2 Awarded

World Illustration

1 Nominated

Taiwan Int’l Student Design Competition

2 Nominated


1 Nominated

Creative International Award

5 Awarded

The One Show
Young Ones

1 Awarded

IDA International Design Award

4 Awarded

Poster Annual Award

1 Awarded


1 Awarded

New Talent Award

3 Awarded

NYC Subway Ad Campaign Contest

1 Nominated

Coca Cola Innovation and Design Contest

1 Nominated


He believes what essentially drive us forward are simply new ideas. He started his first patent application when he was only 17, since when he has filed more than 6 as a sole inventor. Some of the inventions, from mechanical structure to electronic communication algorithms, were granted patents, bringing innovative solutions to problems mostly of user interfaces and interactions.

Methods and Devices for Authenticating Wireless Pairing and / or Data Transfer..

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Systems, Devices and / or Methods for Managing Water and Soap

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Systems, Devices and / or Methods for Text Rendering on Electronic Devices


Systems, Devices and / or Methods for Managing Emergency Communications



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Ups and Downs

He earned his private pilot license for airplanes back in 2016 and is getting one for helicopters. He first stepped into a Cessna right after his 18th birthday: he enjoyed those breathless moments when he thought he was going to crash the plane during his first few solo landings as much as those when he looked around and realized that he was the only human being soaring 9000 ft above the endless mountains. Flying fascinates him as a real adventure: he appreciates the hard work and courage needed as much as the unparalleled rewards of thrills and views coming after.


Total Hrs of Flying
Longest Single Flight
3.1 hrs


Total No. of Landings
First PIC Landing


Last Landed
Most Landed

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